Chris Paul

Lead Artist

Building Worlds

I've had the pleasure of working on some of the biggest projects in AAA games, as well as blockbuster feature films. Over the past 12 years as a digital artist I have had many roles, from in-the-trenches development to leading a team of artists spread across studios and countries. I bring a passion for creating engaging experiences using a deep toolbox and skillset, and I endeavor to explore new technology and techniques in order to tell amazing stories and engage the audience.

Lead Environment Artist

Leading a team of a dozen artists locally, and coordinating with multiple external studios while working on an unreleased Star Wars action game. Collaborating closely with production and design to build processes that drive down a path to success.


Working with a small team of technically minded artists to solve difficult problems. Especially focused on procedural workflows that let the artists do art, rather than busywork. 

Lead VFX Artist

Working on the Dead Space and Battlefield franchises to deliver spectacular visual effects extravaganzas. Environmental, character, and weapon effects. Particular focus on epic cinematic events and systemic environmental vfx.



Chris Paul